UX Librarian: Graphic Novels and Stranded Honeymooners

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Graphic Novels and Stranded Honeymooners

When I first started at Pioneer Memorial Public Library in Harman, WV I was thrilled to find two large shelves of graphic novels. Even as a kid I loved to read the funny papers in the Baltimore Sun, and later Mad magazine. Cartoons and graphic novels are hotter than ever, especially the Japanese form called manga.

Our little library cannot a large collection of graphic novels and the set that we have in rotation is courtesy of the West Virginia Library Commission in Charleston.

The WVLC foots the bill for shipping to the library and for return shipping as well.

Our latest rotating collection includes many more graphic novels and manga series, audio books on CD, audio books on PlayAways (portable MP3 players that include batteries and headphones), contemporary adult fiction, young adult fiction, and contemporary non-fiction. Stop by and check out the new books thank to the WVLC!

And why should libraries have graphic novels? Aren't they just cartoons or comics? The WVLC has a great little article on the value of graphic novels that are not just for young people anymore.

Today we had an unexpected visit from a honeymooning couple whose car broke down en route to Blackwater Falls from Parkersburg, WV. It took about an hour and a half for the nearest rental car company in Elkins to come and pick them up and to have their car towed. There is nothing like a little crisis to test a relationship!

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